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StatsInfinity is one of the internet's few websites that provide unique internet statistics in ways that can be beneficial to all, not just for people wanting to write articles and essays or for those obsessed with figures (Even though we do cater to those too), StatsInfinity provides the services you need to find great vacant domain names, know more about your internet neighbors, investigate websites, and much more.

StatsInfinity is a collection of tools that cover the following

  1. Find Domains: List of expired domain names containing a certain word, ordered by domain length (much like a Domain Generator or domain finder)
  2. Nameserver database: Listing of all Domain names pointing at any nameserver in the world
  3. Domains by word: Listing of all domain names with a certain word
  4. Web tools: such as ping, tracert (Trace Route), taking a screenshot of a web page, reverse lookup, DNS lookup and many more
  5. Website Information: ownership information, DNS information, historical screenshots, historical ownership records, and much more
  6. Reviews: (Comments section) of websites and registrars left by our website users.

So let's jump right in and see what we can do in detail

The most obvious four purposes StatsInfinity is used for are finding great domain names (for registration), investigating a website (for example before you subscribe to a service), for diagnosing one's own website (DNS etc..), and finally, for finding your internet neighbours (what other websites are hosted with you on the same server).

So let us look at the above one by one.

1- Finding a domain name (Domain name generator/finder)

Finding a nice domain name is usually very hard, especially if you are looking for a nice .COM gTLD, this is because everyone wants a .COM for their business, and .COMs are usually taken, So what we did to help you find that domain name is create an easy to use Vacant Domain Name List Generator.

The lowdown, to use the domain generator, enter a word in the search box, and the shortest available domains containing that word will appear, some words will take a few seconds to show results so please be patient.

The StatsInfinity domain generator differs from other generators in that it utilizes human intelligence, Other generators rely on relationships between words, for example (the words car, motor, street, city and drive) are related words, but that does not work very nicely for quite a few reasons, the first is that the computer does not know what sounds cool and what sounds cheesy, It also does not understand the relevance very well, for example, if you had a storage website, the word drive (as in hard drive) is relevant to you, but car and city and street are not, So using our generator, you will find the shortest vacant and relevant .COM domain names containing the word drive here (You get to this page by putting the word drive in the search box).

So, assuming you come to something relevant to that domain, for example you find imagedrive (which is currently registered to someone so you will not find it vacant, this is just an example to simplify things), and your storage service is meant to store and host images, so the word image will be relevant to you, but this is not exactly the domain name you are seeking, in that case, you will find the word image clickable, and so on.

So in reality, you are using other people's human intelligence, this is like saying, this domain sounded good enough for someone to actually invest more than $9 per year in, but some may argue that this also means it was not good enough for him to keep it, while that can be true in some cases, in most cases it is not. People do register domains that they don't need for many reasons, much of the time, they do not need the domain name, and much of the time, they buy it to sell it later and then let it drop either by accident or because they no longer playing the domain name trading game, or because they simply forgot to renew it. You would probably require evidence of that. And here comes the evidence, Every month, many 3 letter .COM domain names expire (and are snatched out by registrars in order to sell them again), 3 letter domains are priced at above 10 thousand dollars each for the normal, not so nice ones, so basically, there are situations where even the finest domains in the world are left to expire. Big companies too forget to renew their domain names sometimes, here is a list of big websites that expired at one point., The second largest online travel site for Indian tourists expired in April of 2012.
Regions Bank , The 22nd largest bank in the US had it's domain expire in April of 2013.
Dallas Cowboys - The American football team forgot to renew their domain in 2010
Microsoft forgot to renew in 1999, and the domain in 2003 (go ahead and google it). forgot to renew their domain name on March 25 2010..

So the bottom line is, we think that intelligently finding your domain name within expired domains is a great idea.

2- Who is hosted at a certain host

To find out who is hosted at a certain host, maybe so that you can test latency against those websites, or maybe to check on hosting quality or for any other purposes, you can simply visit that hosting companies nameservers and see the domains hosted on those nameservers, for example, GoDaddy, the world's number one registrar and all the resellers with godaddy use nameservers under the domain name, under that domain, there are over a hundred nameservers, each with thousands of domain names, So to take a look, we would first visit /nameservers_by_parent_zone/1.html where this would probably be the first in the list (Having the most domains under it's nameservers) , then once we click we will see all the nameservers under domain control, clicking on a nameserver will show you all the domain names pointing to that nameserver.

3- All websites having a certain word

Some words are rarely used in domain names, for example certain industries where the people working in them are very few, in this case, you can see all registered (And expired) domain names in one list for that word, to get to such a list, you could simply enter the domain name in the box (Where you typically see a list of expired domains), then click on the "Click here to see all domain names containing the word XXXXX", This list can be small such as for the word inverter with only 2,840 domain names at the time of writing, or huge such as the word online having 2.2 million domains at the time of writing.

4- Web tools

Sometimes, you just want to see if the new nameservers for your domain name have resolved and whether certain changes took effect (but have not yet propagated at your end), or you may want to ping that nameserver from a certain location to see the latency between one of our servers and the website you are inspecting, We provide those basic tools in addition to some not so basic ones such as creating a screenshot of a certain website, For more information about the additional tools we provide, please visit the web tools section

5- Information about websites

We maintain plenty of data about websites, we also don't discard data such as nameservers when they change, instead, we tell you when it has changed, for example, if you visit the page for a certain domain name, we will tell you what nameservers it used over a certain period of time, and what web servers or mail servers it pointed to during that time.

We also provide snapshots and screenshots (images) for websites, but some websites might not have such data, or at least they might not have that data yet.

6- Reviews

We allow our users to leave comments on websites (Or registrars), you can leave your comments too if you like. this information can be helpful in identifying bad service or even fraud websites, this is probably the most self explanatory part of the website so we probably don't need to elaborate much here.

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