How to remove cached/old/historical whois records from StatsInfinity

The lowdown

There are 3 steps to remove your domain name's ownership information (Whois records) from POLODOMAINS and the internet.

Step 1- Either get private registration from your registrar or see question 6 below.
For private registration, most registrars will offer you the option of making your domain whois data private, in the rare case that your registrar does not offer private registration, read Q4 below.

Step 2- Once your domain registration becomes private, or when the data you want hidden has been changed at your registrar, go to the Whois Removal Wizard here and enter your domain name, then follow the on screen instructions.

Step 3- Keep an eye on any other locations online that are caching a copy of your old Whois record, and contact them for removal, you can do that by searching for your name or address using search engines (Ex: google, yahoo, bing) every once in a while.

Q1: Why is my name and address all over the internet ?

Domain names laws and terms are set by the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the ICANN requires every domain name to have publicly available owner information known as "whois data". So when you register a domain name, your information is instantly available to everyone on the internet.

Q2: Can I use fake information for whois ?

Technically, you can, but you run the risk of losing the domain name, since if someone claims you have the wrong whois information in place, this can be good basis for canceling your domain name.

Q3: How to remove a domain name's whois data ?

Most registrars provide means of masking your domain name's whois data by providing the registry with their own contact information, then forwarding any communication they receive for that domain to you.

Some registrars call this privacy, others call it masking, others might call it whois protection, but in general, most registrars will use descriptive names, if you can not find the privacy service in your domain name's control panel, contact your registrar and inquire about it.

Q4: My registrar does not offer privacy, what to do ?

In that case, we recommend changing your registrar (You will not have to change your web host or anything else), We and all registrars we know of will transfer your domain name to us/them for free, we/they will only require you to add at least 1 year of registration to the domain name (for example, at POLODOMAINS an additional year for a .COM domain is at $8.99), then you can add privacy to your domain name. Privacy at POLODOMAINS is at $1.95 per year for the first term.

NOTE: We will refresh your whois data cache regardless of the registrar you chose to transfer to, We are not asking you to transfer to POLODOMAINS in return for any service.
NOTE 2 : In the case of POLODOMAINS, private registration is at $1.95/Domain/Year for the first term, so if you first renew your domain for 3 years, Privacy should cost you around $5.85 for the three years. There is also a work around to get this pricing for every consecutive year, for more information, you can contact us

Q5: How do I remove whois data from POLODOMAINS ?

How to remove your private data (Home address, personal email etc) from POLODOMAINS.

POLODOMAINS would gladly remove your cached records once your domain name is updated with a private registration, Simply contact us, and mention your domain name, and that your domain name now has privacy in place and that you would like us to refresh your data and remove any old data, we will usually do that in under 24 hours and let you know once it has been removed.

Q6: Can i remove whois from POLODOMAINS without getting privacy ?

Yes you can by simply contacting us, but it is absolutely not recommended, As every registrar on the internet is obliged to display your whois data again when anyone enters your domain name into the whois inquiry box at their website, thousands of registrars exist online and must display this data when requested, so removing the cached whois from POLODOMAINS will not be of much help in your quest to conceal your identity.

Q7 : Is the caching and listing of cached whois information legal ?

POLODOMAINS complies with the ICANN restrictions concerning WHOIS access.

The restrictions that may apply to POLODOMAINS whois caching system are those concerned with

"not to use the data to allow, enable, or otherwise support the transmission of mass, unsolicited, commercial advertising or solicitations to entities other than such third party's own existing customers"

POLODOMAINS enforces the ICANN regulations in the following 2 ways

1- Email addresses are embedded in images to make sure that email crawlers can not extract email addresses from the website.

2- Limiting (by IP) the pages that a user can view per hour, day and week, and therefore disallowing any mass harvesting of email addresses or any other addresses.


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