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To find a domain name that fits your business or purpose, Start by entering a SINGLE WORD that you want to have in that domain name, the generator will display domain names that have that word in them. So for example if you run a flower shop, you may enter the word flower in the box above, entering Flower will display domains with both flower and flowerS, but entering flowerS will not display those with the word flower (The shorter displays the longer but not the other way around).

The StatsInfinity domain name generator is a system that

1- Displays the shorter domain names first. With the current system, the results are sorted according to length because shorter is usually better, and theoretically closer the term to the SINGLE word you based your search on.
2- Uses human judgment, the current trends. The domains listed have been previously registered by others (With care since they cost money), ensuring that the generator's results are not a random collection of terms.
3- Absolutely free. You can use the Smart Domain Name Generator any time with no restrictions on where to register the domains you find or any other restrictions.

About StatsInfinity Smart Domain Generator

Unlike Thesaurus based Domain Name Generators, the source of our data utilizes human judgment . While others display random terms of available names, Smart Domain Generator relies on Humans in listing the previously registered domain names that are now available and back on the market.
The reason this method is more effective is summarized in the quality of our results. We only list those names which were once registered or in other words paid for. At the end of the day people only register valuable domain names and so we generate our results from inherently intelligent list, and often times, Expired Domains could still be registered with Search Engines !

Choosing a domain name

Domain Buying Guide: What makes a good domain name.

Choosing a domain name has become really challenging in recent years. Sometimes one would hit random keys on the keyboard and find that the domain name he is pretending to look for is taken. Therefore, most of the terms that cross anyone's mind are already thought of and accordingly very probably taken! However, the chance of grabbing a name that has been registered and is vacant again can be a marvelous alternative if you have the right tools (Like our system).

The following are the headlines and tips to remember when looking for a new domain name. If you want to know what makes a good domain name and to read more on those headlines

continue to the "Find a domain" article

1- Get the .COM, Though there are hundreds of TLDs out there, a .COM remains the most recognizable one until now.

2- Avoid Hyphens, avoiding hyphens minimizes any misspelling your visitors would face. The trend is a no-spaces domain name and sticking with that will eliminates any confusion. You don't want your visitors ending up visiting another website.

3- Easy to spell, and the easier the better. Avoid complicated words and foreign terms. Always imagine dictating your domain name to someone!

4- Shorter is better most of the time, shorter domain names are one of the most important features when looking for a new name. Though 3 or 4 letters domains are hard to get, try to get a name that doesn't exceed 20 characters.

5- Memorable and easy to remember, some domain names are definitely easier to recall than others. Try to search for terms that visitors are familiar with or can relate to.

6- Brandable, Branding your domain name is important in almost all cases. The name of your future website should depend on the content as well as the purpose of your online presence.

A suggested / Generated name is not available.

The vast majority of the domains the system displays are available, in some rare cases (around 2%) , the domain name you click could be "Not available for registration" , The reason behind that is one of the following two, one of them is good news, the other is not so good.

The not so good scenario is that the domain name has already been registered by someone else and our system has not yet been updated (Our system finishes an update every 3 days)

The good scenario is that the domain has expired, but not yet returned to the registry, in this case, your chances of getting it with a Backorder are relatively high. (See what a backorder is)



Backordering a domain name is a simple process where you ask your registrar to try to register the domain name once it becomes available, so if from your generated list, a domain name appears to be taken when you click on it (See above), you should be able to find a checkbox that reads backorder, backordering a domain name does not guarantee getting the domain name, but if it does not, you will have a backordering credit that you can use against a different domain name.

Systems and Registrars

We do not require nor request that you register your domain with any specific registrar, if you find it vacant through our system, you can register it anywhere you wish, Yet, the registration system we point you at when clicking a domain name is the cheapest no catch registrar (Reseller) we could find that is also reliable and trustworthy.

All other cheaper registrars charge half on the first year, and double our price on the second year, making the more expensive starting the second year.

Other domain generation tools

Even though we think that our "Smart Domain Generator" is the best way to find a killer domain name (We only use ours), we are aware that there are other domain generators online that use a variety of methods, here is a list of the most popular ones;

5 Logo of Domains Bot
Not only does this tool provide synonyms for the terms specified, it also generates many of the soon-to-expire domain names. There are also an option where the user can view all the domain names containing a certain term and are currently listed for sale. The results are pretty diversified and the filtering search options are very useful. We believe that this free name search tool is one of the best so far.

5 Logo of Domain Hacks
Nomaine is a simple yet genuine domain name generator with unique and various results. The suggestion tool is responsive and works well whether the user types a specifies a key-word or not. A notable feature is the fast refresh-utility of the generated list. The availability of each displayed result appears instantly as the list is fetched.

4 Logo of Domain Hacks
Domain Hacks search tool works in a very different way than that of all other domain name generators. Its' unique way of combining subdomains and extensions in matching any term makes it a special generator. One of the famous example on how DomainHacks' converts words is the domain name which matches "delicious" by using a sub-domain and a .US extension.

4 Logo of Domain Hacks
Domize is a very quick and simple to use search tool that returns results each time the user types another letter. The "Power Search" feature helps generating more variations to the keywords anyone might be looking for. Such as bulk search as well as suggested synonyms and related terms.

4 Logo of NameStation
Name Station
Name Station is a popular generator, it generates a wide array of names by adding a few letters or extensions to the word, and then displays that list, with available and not available tags beside the generated names.

4 Logo of NameBoy
Name Boy
Very similar to Name Station but the prefixes and suffixes are more relevant, gives you the chance to specify a secondary word for the generation process that the system will try to use, then displays generated domains (both available and not available), and leaves an unchecked checkbox beside the available ones.

4 Logo of Domain Hacks
The options available at 123Finder is what can be considered the most notable feature of this generator. The user is allowed to search for domain names that match a specific term while being able to limit the results to a certain length of letters as well as choosing to include any of the prefixes or suffixes. Other unique options include is the ability to switch between different languages like the "German Dictionary". The tool automatically displays the availability of each of the results, making it easier for the searcher.

4 Logo of Domain Hacks
The Domain Fellow Generator can be used to list domain name suggestions along with their "Availability Status". The search tool depends on the term entered by the user and the chosen category. Categories include (Alphabet, Education, Finance, Food/Drink, Healthcare, Music, Travel, and more). The keywords are combined with the most common or popular terms in that category in order to generate a useful list of domains.

4 Logo of SnapItNow
The SnapItNow search is a very simple to use website and accordingly a much easier one that most of the other generators out there. The searcher is to simply enter a word or words of his choice, choose from the options listed, such as whether to hide the non-available domains or whether to limit the search to the .COM extension, and then click the "Generate" button.

3 Logo of Domain Hacks
The NameThingy service is more of a suggestor than a generator where a random set of keywords are constantly rotating on the screen. However, options may be manipulated to include a specific word or term. The tool allows the user to click on a certain term and it automatically checks its' .COM availability. A fun and easy way to brainstorm for a new domain name.

3 Logo of BustAName
Bust A Name
Generating a domain name at BustAName can be done by using both the "quick lookup" tool where the user specifies an exact phrase and searches for it's availability, and a "Word-combining" tool where the results are based upon a minimum of two keywords entered in the SearchBox. The combination tool creates possible suggestions that depend solely on the terms entered before. Some of the results shown may contain an already-registered domain, but BustAName updates it's lists frequently "almost every 24 hours".

3 Logo of Domain Hacks
Domain Name Soup
In general, the Domain Name Soup is a free domain name availability checker that depends on the keyword entered by the user and then lists the availability of that specific term in the .COM market. The website has other useful relative tools, like suggesting a list of available domain names randomly as well as the domain names that are about-to expire and about to be deleted.

3 Logo of Domain R
The search Box is DomainR is a responsive tool where the results of suggested domain names are instantly displayed for the user. Each added letter adds a new "Suggestion" to the list of generated names. The availability of any domain is also included within the results "indicated by a green cube". Extensions (TLDs) are not limited to the famous .com, net, and .org, but also include other international sets as well (such as .ph, .il, and .es).

2 Logo of DomainExposer
Domain Exposer
This is a tool helps generating combined phrases that could make a good domain name. Suggesting these phrases happen by setting together a specified new word that the user enters with a list of common words that are already available at DomainExposer. The search tool is also capable of mixing words with the ability of pre-determining the position of a certain word by using the "Starts-With" or "Ends-With" options.

2 Logo of Domain Name Combination Checker
Domain Name Combination Checker
With this tool the user can select up to five words that best matches what he is looking for. The system will generate multiple combinations of the terms used. The result appear as a list of domain names that are currently available for registration.

2 Logo of Ajax Whois
The Ajax Whois tool is more of a search tool that a generating one. However, what makes this search utility different is the lively check of any input. Matched domain names are instantly checked as you type the word. Results appear by default for the .com and .net extensions, but could be modified to show up to seven different TLDs. If a domain name is already registered, the website displays a link to a Whois directory of that specific domain.

2 Logo of Domain Hacks
DomainTyper works in two ways. There is a typing box where the tool reflects lively results "of available domains" as the searcher types any keyword. By default, the tool shows the availability of .com, .net and .org extensions. While at the left side panel of the website, there is a random generation of words that has either a green or red color indicating its availability, refreshed each time the user hints the "Generate" button. At the bottom of the page, an individual window displays results which are brought by the "Domain Hacks" generator described above.

2 Logo of Name Droppers
Name Droppers
The search tool of Name Droppers uses multiple keywords to display a full list of registered domain names that have the specified terms in them. While this "generation" tool works like a "Whois" tool, it only provides the searchers with names that contain the terms he/she is looking for. The process of searching for non-registered domain names is somewhat reversed. In other words, when a search displays no results for a certain query, it most probably means that the domain containing these words is available for registration. Many options are also available while looking for a word-match domain, like specifying an "exact order" for your specified terms.

2 Logo of Geek.Name
The website offers a filtration tool of recent unregistered-domains where the results displayed can be sorted according to the choice of the visitor. The tool allows users to refine their search by entering a keyword of their choice as well as determining the domain extension they like.

2 Logo of Dot-O-Mator
Dot-o-mator is a very straight-forward phrase combiner. In other words, the tool only puts-up-together the words that the user types in a right and left window (note that users may use the pre-listed common phrases as well). Once the results appear, the searcher can select the domain names that appeal to him in order to check their availability (which forwards the user to another website "DOTSTER"!). Some of the disadvantages of using this generator is that it is more of a combiner that a suggestor, and second is the limited search capability which cannot exceed a 15 term. Not to mention that the results do not reflect imply domain name availability.

2 Logo of Domain Hacks
With the two features at this website, a user may use the "Generator" utility to navigate through suggested random terms that are listed with no-specific order. However, most of the terms featured are not-available for registration. The "lookup button" placed next to each of the results fetches the availability of it in extensions of (.ca, .net, .com, .org, .us, .eu, and .cc). The other tool comes with an added service of common suggestions where Domainology adds famous prefixes and suffixes to the keyword specified, but the user is still to search for each of the suggestion's availability individually.

1 Logo of Domain Hacks
The WebYield generator is a straight-forward term combiner with an availability checker included. Once a user enters the search terms, the tool happens to combine and match these words and accordingly check each of these terms availability.

1 Logo of Domain Hacks
The Brand Gopher website is a flash-based one. The tool however lacks any term-suggestion utility and it functions as a search-box where the user is to type the keyword of his choice and the tool checks it's availability in TLDs of .com, .net, and .org. However, the tool is to be considered more of an availability checker and not a domain name generator.

1 Logo of Domain Hacks
Random domain name search tool creates a list of suggestions and variations which are related to a specific term. However, the tool adds a fixed group of common words each time, and the list generated is also limited to a 40 result. The tool doesn't check any domain availability, and the user is forwarded to another website for availability checking!

1 Logo of Domain Hacks
iWantMyName is a straight-forward domain availability checker. No sugestions and no synonyms at all. However, the search tool here works best when you have a specific name in ming and you want to check it's availability with more than 80 extensions in one go!

1 Logo of Dot-O-Mator
Dot-O-Mator (WEB 2.0)
This tool generates random phrases, once at a time! The source of these suggested names are completely random and unpredictable, and most importantly it doesn't generate names that are previously checked to qualify as available domain names. The tool lists phrases in a sequence each time the user hits the "Generate a Name" button. If however someone wants to check the availability, a "Check Availability" button can be used, but it refers to a different website!

Concluding Remarks

An obviously good domain name is never easy (or cheap) to obtain, especially if it is a .COM, but if you take a look around, you should be able to see that the (now popular) guys often did not try to go for the flashy domains, instead, they go out and be creative in combining short words to make new meaning, saving them many thousands as they are starting, But a good flashy name is often (And not always) a good choice if you can afford it.


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