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1&1 Internet is the 6th top accredited ICANN registrar

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1&1 Internet is the 6th top accredited ICANN registrar with over 10,000,000 registered domain names. Our sample of recently registered domains shows 1&1 Internet as having a 3.48% share of domains registered after 15 January 2011.

1&1 Internet is considered one of the most affordable domain name providers. Though it's regular domain prices are almost similar to other registrars (a .COM domain name is $8.99 (per domain name per year)), 1and1 offers agressive pricing for first year domain name registration with almost all domain types.

The first year domain registration competative price comes with a no-ICANN fee (18 cents) to the over-all purchase. Every domain registered comes with a FREE private registration, a mailbox of 2GB space, and a 5-page sitebuilder. But note that their free private registration offer is not applicable to the .us or the .co extension

And though the first year deal sounds very good, 1&1 Internet makes it very clear that their offers are subject to change. Domain renewal fees for ahead-years are of regular pricing. At the time of our check to their "offers' webpage", 1&1 listed the following;

    * First year of registration on a .com, .net or .org domain for only $4.99 and on a .info domain for only $0.99. Second year and subsequent years regular prices apply.

Another point worth mentioning is the redemption fee of 1&1. While Godaddy charges a fee of around 80$, 1&1 charges $40 for recovering a domain name that is still within the redemption period.



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Sunday 31 July 2011 / 3:56:15 am (80135 Hours 43 minutes 2 seconds ago)
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Tuesday 31 July 2012 / 9:10:19 am (71346 Hours 28 minutes 58 seconds ago)
Dianna Douglas
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Jessica at store# 03075 gave exceptional, excellent service
Monday 4 August 2014 / 5:47:17 pm (53721 Hours 52 minutes 0 seconds ago)
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