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Directnic is a an ICANN-Accredited registrar that was founded in the year 2000. According to a recent statistic by StatsInfinity, came at 38 in our registrar list with 0.36%  of  domain names registered since Jan 15th.

Directnic provides a variety of Internet services such as domain name registration, and Paid & Free hosting services.

Directnic is well known for providing free hosting services that comes with 20 MB of free hosting space per domain and unlimited bandwidth, this free hosting is supported fully by advertising, which means that you will have banners on your website that carries ads, it's not really recommended for business and professional websites, and also the 20 MB space isn't really enough for anything but for a text website, but it does the job for presentations and samples for clients if you don't want to pay everytime you want to show something online.

If you want the same services as the free hosting but without Banners, it's going to cost you $15.00, which is not an affordable or reasonable price for 20 MB of space, but at least you'll get rid of the ads.

If you want a reasonable, affordable, and useful hosting, you need to get the Premium Hosting plan, which as a start will cost you about $3.95 per month , which is not bad, and will give you a full service hosting featuring up to 6000MB (US$15.95 )

Directnic provides a service that according to some clients is very useful , this service is called "Easy Renew", this service will allow you to renew up to five of your domains in 3 easy steps without logging into your account. That will save you a lot of time, all you need to do is to enter the domain names you want to renew in the space designed for that, and just follow some steps. Very Useful.

What Clients think about Directnic!

Price : Directnic services are good, and they get the job done, but compared to other registrars, the services provided by this company are considered expensive, according to current clients at Directnic, paying $15 a year for a bannerless hosting is not the problem, the problem is the features, and useless disk space offered with that service, and if you want to get a decent service from that company, you have to pay almost triple what other companies charge.

Customer service: We received a lot of bad reviews regarding the customer service provided by Directnic, clients claim that the tech support team is non-existent, unprofessional, and most of the time they don't have answers to the questions that clients ask them. Most clients went through a hard time trying to transfer their domains away from Directnic, and the reason according to the these clients is the poor and clueless Technical Support Team.

Domain Snatching: This is a very serious accusation, but on some community posts on the internet, Directnic is accused of Domain Name Front Running, which basically means that they  use insider information to register domains for the purpose of re-selling them to interested buyers for a relatively large sum of money.

Spam: Another serious accusation found on some community posts on the internet, Directnic doesn't work according to their "Terms Of Service" that forbids spammers of using their services, according to some current clients at Directnic, the company register large amounts of accounts for spammers to make easy profits.

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