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Fabulous, an ICANN accredited domain registrar, that is currently one of the top 50 companies of this industry. A recent check on statsinfinity shows Fabulous having a 0.32% share of the domains registered since January 15th 2011.

Fabulous has their own parking tools which are considered to be both unique and easy to use.  Fabulous's partnership with Roar.com allows their customers to generate money through pay-per-click services. Fabulous.com domain transfer and renewal prices are almost similar, at the time of writing this review, registering a .COM domain costs a $7.99.

DarkBlueSea is one of Fabulous subsidiaries, the company is considered one of the leading suppliers of online direct navigation traffic. They currently manage over 600,000 third party domains through their primary supplier, Fabulous.com. A domain registered at Fabulous includes Whois privacy, domain monetization, parking management, as well as other vital domain managing services.

However, Fabulous.com requires that anyone who wants to be a memeber to (already) have at least 50 quality domain names.

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