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isimtescil.net is a an ICANN-Accredited registrar that was launched on May 01 2002., According to a recent statistic by StatsInfinity, isimtescil.net came at 31 in our registrar list with 0.41%  of  domain names registered since Jan 15th.

isimtescil.net offers a variety of internet services such as Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Server Rental, and SSL Certificates.

isimtescil.net is well known in Turkey for its relaible hosting service that guarantees a 99.9% uptime along with various plans that suits a wide range of needs from business to personal, and they are divided into personal use, and reseller packages.

isimtescil.net prices are considered very affordable, with plans starting from $ 10 / year and comes with different free services such as 7 / 24 Phone and email support, Web Mail Support, Spam Protection, and a Free Plesk Control Panel, the only problem is that even the services are quite affordable, and you might get free services that other companies might charge you for, isimtescil.net doesn't provide you with exactly what you need when it comes to disk space and and email mailboxes. If you take the first Windows plan that they provide, which costs $10/year, all the space you get if you purchase that plan is 50 MB Disk Space, and you only get 1 Unit E-mail account, and that's not enough for anything. Even the most expensive plan that they offer, which is really expensive compared to other companies, isimtescil.net failed to provide it's clients with a decent disk space, if you take a look at that plan, which costs $ 155 / Yearly, they only provide you with 10 GB Disk Space, and they try to convince the clients that they offer 100 GB Data Transfer which can never be used in a plan like that according to some customers.

Yes isimtescil.net is providing a very good service, and some of their plans are affordable, but according to their clients, they are not getting their money's worth out of these services.


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