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Please share your experience or review on corp.'s products and services is a an ICANN-Accredited registrar that provides domain names and domain name registrations and Reseller API services. has been providing services to it's clients for over 10 years.


According to many clients, the company provides the best services for the best prices, and there's absolutely no catch, most of the clients weren't really sure about the reliabitly of the company before registering, and the low prices of the services they provide made them even more suspicious about it. But after registering with the company, most clients are happy with the services they are getting. Most companies that provide domain name registration services give you the first year with a very low price, but the problem starts when you want to renew that account, most companies double the price for the next year, and because clients don't want to lose their domain names, they usually pay the extra cost, most of them transfer the year after, some of them don't, it's all about the client and how much he/she willing to pay. With, it's a different story, according to clients, and from what you can clearly see on their official website, Domain name renewal is the same as regular price, which means, if you pay for a .com domain for example $7.64/year , when you want to renew that domain, you will also pay $7.64 , no extra costs.

 Private WHOIS: Most registrars charge extra If you want to hide your contact details from the public, but with they provide that service (Private WHOIS) free of charge, and what they do is that they replace your contact information with their own information in the WHOIS data in order to protect your identity from spam and other internet problems.


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