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Please share your experience or review on llc's products and services is an ICANN accredited Domain Name Registrar that provides E-mail Services, Domain Name Registration, and Web Hosting Services.

According to a recent statistic by StatsInfinity, came at 19 in our registrar list with 0.73%  of domain names registered since Jan 15th making it one of the top 20 registrars in the world.

Services: provides a variety of internet services, we are going to discuss each service provided by this registrar and discuss prices, features, and reliability compared to other registrars on the internet.

Domain Name Registration: provides Domain Name Registration Services for reasonable and affordable prices compared to other registrars on the internet. After we examined the prices list of Domain Names offered by we found out that the company charges for registering a .com domain name for one year about $ 9.99, you might be able to get a better offer than this one, but as a domain name offered by one of the top 20 registrars in the world, it's highly unlikely to find the same quality of services provided by this company with the same prices.

Web Hosting Services: provides Web Hosting services for affordable prices, and they might be considered one of the best prices on the internet according to the space and features included in each plan they offer.

Web Hosting Services at are divided into three Plans, Starter Plan, Pro Plan, and Unbelievable Plan. Each plan provides a decent disk space, and very useful features.

We are not going to discuss all three plans, so we are only going to review the price and features for their Unbelievable Plan:

The Unbelievable Plan comes with an Unlimited Disk Space,  Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Email Accounts, Free Dedicated IP, Free SSL Certificate (Visit Name.Com for full features), charges for 1 month registration for this plan $24.99/month. 

 Cutomers Evaluation:

Price: According to current clients, the prices offered by are one of the best prices offered on the internet, they are considered decent and affordable compared to prices offered by other registrars.

Technical Support: Most customers are satisfied with the support that the company provides, the customer service center has been decribed as professional and very responding, all problems are dealt with in a timely-manner, no delays have been reported, the technical support team was described as professional, and very helpful, one customer described the Technical Support team at as "Hard working guys, they try their best to provide the best services, they are very polite and helpful".

Uptime: No downtime has been reported, some customers that had accounts for years never faced a second of downtime, some of them claimed that they had some downtime but it was scheduled maintainance.

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