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123-reg.co.uk is a an ICANN-Accredited registrar that was launched in the year 2000,  According to a recent statistic by StatsInfinity, 123-reg.co.uk came at 34 in our registrar list with 0.37%  of  domain names registered since Jan 15th.

123-reg.co.uk is part of the Webfusion Group , and they are considered the largest domain provider in the UK with more than 2.6 million domain names registered and they are currently hosting more than 1.7 million websites on their servers.

123-reg.co.uk provides a variety of internet services such as Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, Email Services, and website builders.

The hosting services that the company provides are very affordable, with plans starting from £2.49/month (3.98450 USD) you can get yourself a plan with a decent 1 GB disk space, 20 mailboxes, 5 GB transfer/month. For a cheap price like that, it's a very good plan to start your own website.


Every good hosting provider must have a good technical/customer support team, unfortunately, according to 123-reg.co.uk clients, 123-reg.co.uk's tech support team is non-existent. Buying and registering is all automated, and that's ok because all you need to do is to follow a few steps to do that, but the problem begins when you really need some assistance from the tech team, according to clients, all you get when you call their non-premium number 020 8587 7558 is an answering machine, which doesn't solve any problem, all you can do is leave a ticket and hope for someone to call you back regarding your problem.

Auto-Renew, is one of the worst features presented by the company, once they have your credit card number, your annual/monthly renewal happens without your authorization, which makes transfering away from 123-reg.co.uk really hard, and even if you want to transfer away, their policies makes it even harder to get a refund.

Downtime, most if not all web hosting providers promise their clients a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but according to 123-reg.co.uk clients, that was only a false promise, most clients complain about constant downtime, and with the poor customer care service the company provides, clients most of the time have no clue what's going on and when it's going to be fixed. One of the clients said "they had over 1 week constant downtime - which knocked the site out of google for weeks" another client said "My domain has been down for 5 months with no assistance from 123-reg".

Extra Cost, that was a huge disappointment to some of 123-reg.co.uk clients. According to current users who purchased hosting plans for $9/year, they were extremely surprised to find out that all the features that seem to be offered free of charge with the hosting plan (according to the official site) actually cost extra, which means when you register for a few extra features you might find an invoice in your inbox asking for $99 USD instead of only 9 dollars.

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Monday 29 July 2013 / 8:45:33 pm (58586 Hours 18 minutes 12 seconds ago)
Mrs M Dawson
I write in connection to the above named who is registered with your company or under the 123-reg.co/uk. Mr McMillan has given my address of 30 Cherryridge Drive as his address when this is not the case. Mr McMillan has had no connection to this address since last year and I wish that this is removed from your site asap. Mr McMillan's use of my address without permission could be construed as fraudulent.

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