Taking browsershots / Screenshots of web pages

The simplest way to do this is using StatsInfinity online, Just enter the URL of the web page you want to take a screenshot of, and let us send you a link to an image that you can download or share instantly, we even host the photo for you so that you can share away.

Web Page address:


Note: To avoid confusion, the standard form field that is available on most pages on StatsInfinity has been removed from this page, if you are here looking for information about websites or looking for the domain generator, Go to the home page and start there.

The website screenshot is saved as JPG (JPEG File) by default, you can specify any other format you want as well.

I use this service often, is there a simple, easier, and faster way to take screenshots of web pages
Yes, there is, there is a button you can add to your browser that can deploy our service to any web page you are visiting.

How are images rendered ?

The Front/Back end that we use to render the page is WebKit, this is the engine behind safari, meaning that this one is the one used in IPads, iPhones, and even on android, this is not the same as the firefox back end, and not the same as IE as those use their own engines, Google chrome once used WebKit, but then they broke up and chrome started using it's own rendering engine (called blink). We are looking into our options in adding more rendering engines AKA layout engines, Mozilla seems the easiest to adapt, but we are still working on it. This way, you can see how your web page looks in browser you have not installed on your system.

How do i share that screenshot of a website on social networks (Facebook)
Once you visit the page, you can either download the image and put it on the social website, or you can simply click the share button, when you click the share button, we will make sure that the image is displayed properly.

How does it work ?

Well, simply, we visit the web page and download it along with all elements of that page, then we feed that to WebKit, then WebKit renders that to the fake GUI on the server, which in turn routes it to an image.

Can i take a full page screenshot without using any online tools ?

Yes, for example, there is such a feature in firefox 16 and above, simply start by sizing the firefox window to your liking then hold the shift key as you press F2, this will open up a command box at the bottom, type the following in the command box

screenshot --fullpage

Click on the image that firefox will preview for you, and the folder holding that image file will open, there you have it

Other tools for other browsers exist

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