Drag link to toolbar for a browser whois button

Whois Browser Button

Get the WhoIs data for the website you are visiting by clicking the WhoIs button, Just drag this magic link onto your bookmarks toolbar (See illustration) and then click it as you browse for current website's whois data

Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar

Or, Enter a domain name

The whois button works with all major web browsers, it works with Firefox, internet Explorer, and Google Chrome

The button utilizes the browser's Javascript capabilities so that when the button is clicked, you are redirected to the whois page of the domain name you are visiting

So, if you are visiting example.com and click the button, you will be getting the whois information of example.com

Surely, you can simply enter the domain name in the box above and the Whois information will display as well, but the toolbar whois button is a simpler and easier way to do just that.